The hype around the NFT space also resulted in many impressive football/soccer NFT projects. Let’s have a look at some popular projects out there.

If you are a football/soccer fan, you must be excited about the upcoming season of your favorite club. Nowadays, along with watching the matches, fans are also interested in collecting and buying NFTs associated with their favorite players and club.

Fans can own NFTs by purchasing or collecting digital video moments, collectibles, and fans’ tokens. In addition to that, various crypto games also reward the players with in-game NFTs.

Recently Crawley Town Football Club signed a player based on the votes of fans and NFT holders. The ownership of NFTs allows the fans to participate in major decisions made by clubs.

Apart from that, Barcelona launched its first NFT in its history in July 2022. The club launched the NFT ahead of the LaLiga season. 

So having known about the importance of football NFTs in the future, let’s explore some popular football NFT projects that you can utilize to empower yourself by supporting your favorite club and players.

LaLiga and Dapper Labs NFTs

Dapper Labs, creator of NBA Top Shot, partnered with LaLiga to introduce their Official Football NFT Collectible Highlights. The collectibles consist of iconic and inspiring gaming moments in the form of NFTs.

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The listed NFTs are based on the favorite recorded moments of LaLiga matches over the last 20 seasons.

The major collectibles available are from the popular LaLiga clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Villarreal CF, Sevilla FC, Valencia CF, Athletic Club, Real Betis and many more.

A peer-to-peer NFT marketplace is also dedicated for the fans to buy, sell and trade all the listed collectibles. As a buyer, you can use Dapper wallet or credit cards to buy NFTs.

The value of a particular NFT varies according to its demand and rarity. LaLiga fans can purchase the NFT collectibles from the Flow blockchain. This blockchain allows the users to verify and trace the listed digital collectible’s scarcity and authenticity.


Fanz is a blockchain technology-based football platform dedicated to fans. The platform aims to connect the fan culture along with the blockchain.

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The major aspect of the Fanz platform is its innovative “Football in Web 3.0” concept. The platform users are provided a gateway to gaming, governance, and NFTs.

The vision of Fanz is to transform the next generation of football fans from customers to owners. The users can connect their wallets with the platform to send, receive and store Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens. 

“Motty Collection” listed on Fanz NFT collection is the most popular one in the list of NFTs. This collection features John Motson, a former BBC football commentator who served over 50 years.

Fanz Fantasy5 is a gaming project involving a free-to-play game with the Premier League. The players are finally rewarded with signed merchandise and NFTs based on their gaming performance.

Topps NFTs

Topps is an online marketplace for licensed football collectibles. The platform entered into Web3 space with its official Bundesliga NFT Series.

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The Bundesliga series launch helped the Topps platform gain popularity among the football NFT community. The Bundesliga NFT collectible consisted of memorable league highlights recorded during the 2021/22 season.

Topps releases the NFT collectible as a series, and the latest Topps Series 4 was released in June 2022. This latest series consists of NFT cards of memorable moments from the Bundesliga 21/22.

The NFTs listed on the Topps platform are created using ERC 721 tokens. The platform enables NFT purchases using Mastercard or Visa credit cards. To purchase the Topss NFTs, you are supposed to create a Topps account.

The Topps football NFT collectibles are arranged in packs, and the number of collectibles inside the pack varies. The buyer only knows about the collectibles once the pack is opened.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could directly buy NFTs from your favorite player or club? That’s where Shirtum becomes unique.

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The Shirtum platform lets fans buy official NFTs from popular football clubs and legendary players. Some of the highlighted cooperations available on the platform include Galatasaray Istanbul and Ronaldinho.

Shirtum aims to build a virtual world that enhances NFT owners to participate in unique events and real-world experiences. By collecting the NFTs, the user gets to own a part of the legacy possessed by their idol footballers.

The native token of the Shirtum ecosystem is SHI. To purchase the NFTs, the buyers need to have SHI tokens in their crypto wallets. In addition to that, the SHI token holders are eligible to collect exclusive NFTs listed on the platform.

The team behind Shirtum involves digital creatives, sports specialists, and NFT collectors that aim to provide football fans with unique experiences.


The introduction of NFTs has changed the phase of online gaming, and Sorare is one of the best football card trading games.

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The players of the Sorare gaming platform get access to more than 280 professional football clubs and their players. The platform’s NFT collection game facilitates users to collect players from various football leagues. Apart from that, these collected players can be used to form an online gaming squad.

Sorare players can participate in various online competitions against other potential players. The performance of the players is evaluated and rewarded accordingly.

You can also collect, trade, and scout their officially licensed digital cards with other fans in the Sorare marketplace.

While gaming, the football player’s performance depends on their real game data. To participate in the gaming contests, the player needs to collect a minimum of five player cards. In addition to that, the players are also rewarded based on their weekly rankings.

The most expensive NFT sold at the Sorare platform featured Erling Haaland. Haaland’s NFT was sold above $600,000, breaking the record held by Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT($400,312).

AIFA stands for Artificial Intelligence Football Association. It is a decentralized gaming platform that trains, trades, and builds AI bots with the help of NFTs.

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The game is built using Altered State Machine (ASM) to empower the football metaverse with Non-Fungible Intelligence. The players can compete with potential opponents to earn in-game tokens and NFTs.

ASTO token is the in-game token that you can use in the ASM gaming ecosystem. The tokens can train your AI bots against other AIFA teams. Moreover, you can also use ASTO tokens to participate in community-based governance activities.

You can purchase the ASM AIFA Genesis Boxes from the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Once the box is purchased, you can open, configure and customize your team to participate in various online competitions.

Besides all the features mentioned above, the users can connect their wallets directly to the AIFA platform. This feature allows the user to store and trade NFTs and ASTO tokens conveniently.


Trading cards have a huge fan base regardless of age. Fanzone is an online platform that facilitates fans to trade, buy and collect digital trading cards.

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Fanzone allows its football fans to participate in weekly raffles, mini-games, and competitions. Participation enables them to receive rate cards and rewards. The platform runs on Polygon(Ethereum’s layer 2 scaling solution) and LUKSO (a domain-specific blockchain).

The official football licenses of Fanzone consist of the German National Team (male and female), the 3rd German League, and VFL Wolfsburg. The value of the digital cards depends on the actual performance score of the footballer.

You need to create an account with Fanzone to collect the NFTs. Once an account is created, you can trade and collect the NFTs listed on the platform. Apart from that, you can also take part in various online challenges.

Fantestec SWAP

Fantestec SWAP is another platform for football fans to trade, collect, buy and sell football NFT collectibles. The collectibles involve the recorded moments of major European football clubs such as Real Madrid CF, Arsenal FC, and Borussia Dortmund.

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The digital collectibles available on Fantestec SWAP are sold in the form of packs. The buyer of the packs gets NFTs in the form of digital autograph signatures. Also, these digital autographs are provided with an official license.

Apart from the digital autographs, pack buyers also receive video NFTs of training moments and match highlights. A pack consists of 4-5 NFTs depending upon its value. Based on rarity, packs are classified as Common Packs, Rare Packs, and Ultra Rare Packs.

You need to create an account with Fantestec SWAP to purchase the packs. Once an account is created, you can access the listed football packs through a web browser or a mobile app.

The most popular and rare pack listed on Fantestec SWAP is Real Madrid FC’s “Vintage UCL Final Moments .” This pack contains 20 NFTs with 300 Mints each.


Powered by BNB Smart Chain, RealFevr enables users to acquire various football based-NFTs.

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The major rights secured by RealFevr include that of the Portuguese Football Federation and Primeira Liga. Users can purchase digital highlights of memorable performances showcased by Christiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernadez, Iker Casillas, Diogo Jota, and many more football players.

You can also purchase the NFT video collectibles from the RealFevr NFT marketplace. FEVR is the platform’s utility token that you can use to purchase NFTs.

The users can also participate in “Fantasy Leagues” to get rewarded with NFTs and FEVR tokens. To play the league competitions, the user can use the RealFevr app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

In addition to NFT collectibles and league competitions, you can also use “FEVR Battle Arena” to earn FEVR tokens and NFTs.

Last but not least comes, an online platform developed for football fans. With the help of this platform, fans are empowered with major club influences.

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Users of can purchase fan tokens of prominent football clubs such as Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester City, etc.

Apart from fans tokens, the platform also launched its NFTs for users. AC Milan was the first team to partner with on their NFT journey. Following AC Milan, other prominent football clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, and Valencia CF offered NFTs through


Gone are the days that involved football fans as mere spectators. NFTs empower fans to own various official assets of players and clubs.

Along with NFT ownership, football/soccer fans can vote for major club decisions.

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