Over a hundred billion items are transported worldwide each month, with the global transport industry on the rise.

A proper tracking system is essential for e-commerce brands since countless orders are dispatched daily. This is where shipping labels play an ideal role in ensuring all items get delivered to their destinations. On top of that, they must be sturdy, durable, and precise.

With the growing technology and digital tools like shipping label generators and templates, the approach to creating shipping labels has been easier than ever. 

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With countless online shipping labels and templates available, choosing the right one is challenging. This article lists top picks, from shipping label templates and shipping labels to computer-compatible products, to help you make the right choice.

Importance of Well-Designed Shipping Labels for eCommerce Brands

By using the well-designed shipping label, you expedite the delivery of your package. Aside from this, it also cuts costs, increases productivity, and improves client satisfaction consistently.

Below is a list of why e-commerce brands should invest in shipping label printers.

#1. Streamline Manual Labor

A great deal of work is involved in printing the address, cutting it out, and attaching it to the package.

The easiest way to make shipping labels and print them out is to make a template and print them out on adhesive paper in advance for each order. A practical approach such as this reduces manual labor and saves time while at the same time being time efficient.

#2. Establishes a Professional Image

Let’s say you receive a plain cardboard box in the mail. Inevitably, the package’s origin will annoy you, and ordering from a new online business will leave you with a somewhat negative impression.

A well-designed set of shipping labels can help you create an image of professionalism by enhancing the look and feel of your packages.

#3. Supply Chain Flow Is Easy

An entire supply chain is responsible for getting any product or service from the manufacturer to the customer. As part of a supply chain, information flows from downstream to upstream. This becomes rather confusing for customers, and people lose sight of the purpose of this whole process – getting their product to them.

The use of well-designed shipping labels will simplify the delivery process and eliminate misunderstandings between customer and their respective product.

With the shipping industry rapidly growing, shipping labels have also taken the driver’s seat. Here is a list of some worthwhile templates for printing to shipping labels.


Among all the label-creating templates, Shopify deserves special mention since it offers easy creation and printing of custom shipping labels. It brings you a wide range of compelling customizable templates allowing you to create prints and shipping labels.

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Using the Shopify shipping label template, you can create clean and consistent shipping labels that include all the relevant details. Creating shipping labels has been easier than ever with Shopify’s trademark shipping label template. 


A great choice in the list is AfterShip, which helps you create professional-looking shipping labels for your business. With simple looking to highly appealing customizable templates, AfterShip gives a lot to the retailers and shipping industry.

Its templates make it easy to create shipping labels that can fit the product package and signify to whom the product belongs.

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With AfterShip, you are only required to fill up the required details; hence, you are good to go with the shipping labels. 


Businesses can create beautiful shipping labels with Canva print-to-shipping label templates. Make a shipping label in minutes by choosing images, fonts, and colors from thousands of customizable templates.

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In other words, you can upload your images, logos, and design to create a label that reflects the style and personality of your brand.

Microsoft Office 

Make your product packages easier to organize and save time using Microsoft Office printing templates. By using its customizable mailing label templates, you can add a professional touch to correspondence while eliminating the need to write out names and addresses on your correspondence manually. 

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It makes sending letters and envelopes easier with its customizable mailing label templates. This is a great shipping label template, not only because it is free but because it does a great job of adding customer information to the label, making this template a top pick for creating print-to-shipping labels.


The final addition to the templates to create shipping labels is Avery. Thousands of professional designs and blank templates provide a platform for selecting.

Whether creating print-to-shipping labels for personal needs or delivering products to the customer, the highly appealing Avery templates bring a lot to the table.

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Avery’s customizable templates don’t let you take the hassle of creating labels manually; instead, it provides easily customizable templates that make creating shipping labels easier. 

Shipping Label Online Generators

There are several online shipping label generators available in the market, leaving an impact by helping to create shipping labels easily. Here is the top print to shipping label online generators:

Send Cloud 

When picking the best online shipping label generators, the Send Cloud makes it to the top of the list with its capabilities of creating shipping labels in a matter of minutes. Send Cloud makes creating shipping labels fast, easy, and hassle-free.

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From adding your business (sender) details to customer details, you have everything at your fingertips with Send Cloud.

Go Shippo

Go Shippo has your back when choosing an online shipping label generator. It brings on the wide range of tools and resources available to create crystal-clear shipping labels.

Be it adding a complete address to a short address, the Go Shippo lets you create labels and bring the most out of your shipping industry.

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Go Shippo lets you choose various packing slips and label formats to meet your needs, making a hassle-free process for label creation. 


There’s no way to forget Zoho when it comes to online shipping label generators. It helps you create a well-organized shipping label with the added delivery instructions of ‘Handle with care’ (if required).

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Zoho Inventory allows you to print shipping labels and pack slips for your orders, share updates with your customers, and ship your packages manually or via popular carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Aramex.

Compatible Shipping Label Printer

Shipping label printers are completely dependent on the individual’s needs. Most printers that print labels can be connected to a computer, so there is no need for a keyboard.

Here are two of the best shipping label printers to help you print shipping labels for your products.

MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

As one of the best shipping label printers on the market, the MUNBYN shipping label printer is compatible with all Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS versions.

From any application, you can directly create personalized labels from the product itself. The printer does not need any ink or cartridges to operate.


  • A MUNBYN thermal label printer has automatic label identification capabilities that enable the printer to detect and feed labels automatically.
  • This is the ideal solution for warehouse, shipping, food nutritional labels, Amazon FBA labels for Amazon products, UPS labels, etc.
  • There is a one-click setup feature and overheat protection.

A series of address labels can be printed continuously by the MUNBYN address label maker. The printer allows you to print 700 pages at once and then pauses for five minutes for safety purposes.

ROLLO Label Printer 

Rollo Label printer is the standout addition to the commercial-compatible shipping label printer to print shipping labels. Be it for business and home use, ROLLO Label Printers are high-speed direct-label printers of high quality. The printer allows you to print UPS labels for free.


  • Direct thermal technology used by ROLLO Label Printers requires no toners or inks.
  • It is capable of automatically identifying labels.
  • A fast and clear label can be printed with it.

A shipping label printer compatible with all major platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and ShippingEasy.

Final Words 

With a list of top shipping label templates and label online generator tools, you can choose whichever suits your brand’s needs. The article covered everything from shipping label templates to online products that make shipping label creation easy.

Next, you can check out powerful shipping software for growing eCommerce businesses.