Students using STEM apps learn how to apply their critical thinking skills to solve problems.

STEM apps have been gaining a lot of limelight in the current times. Since most kids spend their time on tablets, laptops, phones, or other digital instruments, installing and using the STEM apps on these devices makes their time spent on the instruments fruitful. 

STEM apps enhance kids’ cognitive capacities and help them solve problems more quickly and effectively.

In this article, we will discuss what STEM apps are and why kids use them. We will also see the benefits and features of STEM apps and what makes them ideal for kids. Lastly, we will look at some of the most amazing STEM apps for kids to play and learn science.

What are STEM Apps, and Why are Kids using them?

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STEM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – four closely related disciplines. To better educate students for real-world applications, STEM integrates all four topics rather than focusing on just one.

STEM apps are software applications based on the STEM methodology where kids get to learn about the various concepts and topics of STEM with the help of interactive tools, games, and ebooks.

Kids are using STEM apps because most of these apps carry out their teaching process in a very entertaining and exciting manner. Their colorful appearances and concept-oriented games attract most kids’ attention. They stay engrossed in such apps for a long. 

What are the Benefits of STEM Apps?

STEM Education offers many benefits to its learners. So it is undoubted that STEM apps also benefit their users. Below are some of the main benefits STEM apps offer to their users. 

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Boosts Creativity

The core of STEM education is unquestionably creativity. Students are encouraged by STEM apps to develop original ideas and apply multidisciplinary thinking to tackle challenging problems.

The pupils’ attention is further engaged by the fact that these problematic concepts are presented as games or activities. Thus, STEM apps directly promote creativity.

Enhances Critical Thinking Skills

The type of content provided in STEM education is concentrated on encouraging children’s critical thinking. The act of actively conceiving, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating information by means of perception, expertise, contemplation, reasoning, or communication is known as critical thinking.

The majority of STEM apps are created in a way that encourages users to apply critical thinking to solve the majority of challenges.

Grows Curiosity

Kids are encouraged to ask why and how questions through STEM education. Through various exercises, tools, or games, STEM apps allow students to use their ideas to develop creative solutions. The kids’ overall curiosity is increased as a result, and they become wiser and more knowledgeable.

Revamps Cognitive Skills

The mental abilities known as cognitive talents improve reading, thinking, and learning. It can be worked out and developed through training. Using STEM apps, students can improve and increase their cognitive abilities while learning the fundamentals of coding and engineering.

Increases Initiative Thinking

STEM apps help students feel more optimistic about studying by allowing them to approach difficulties confidently. Additionally, it boosts learners’ self-confidence and eliminates unfavorable preconceptions. STEM apps help people become more curious, self-assured, and proactive when it comes to solving problems.

What Makes STEM Apps Ideal for Kids?

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STEM apps can be a valuable addition to your STEM teaching tools. This is because STEM subjects can be complex and challenging for students to interact with. With the help of games, riddles, and excellent visuals and audio, all of these apps are made to pique users’ interest. 

Children can also learn about the power of creativity and technology through STEM apps. This will give them an edge on the international stage as the world grows more technologically oriented.

Engaging in STEM learning activities teaches students how to identify and evaluate problems. They also teach them to come up with a plan of action to solve them. Students can use STEM apps to apply their learning to multiple problems and issues.

Now, you will be clear about the benefits and features of STEM apps. So, let us explore some of the best STEM apps to try out.

Tappity App

The STEM app Tappity features an expanding library of over 200 experiments, games, lectures, videos, and other resources that are all in line with the Next Generation Science Standards. It features a website and app for iOS

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The Next Generation Science Standards for grades K–5 are aligned with the content of Tappity, which is created for kids ages 4 to 10. By choosing your child’s age upon signing up, you can also alter the complexity level of the questions. 

It allows you to establish several profiles under a single account. Additionally, you may use any device to access Tappity when you subscribe.

Smart Tales

Smart Tales is a story and edutainment app for children that encourages creativity and an interest in STEM disciplines.

According to studies, using Smart Tales for at least 20 minutes a day increases vocabulary, stimulates listening skills, increases children’s propensity for academic success, strengthens family ties, and helps youngsters identify emotions and foster empathy. 

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With endearing characters and adventures set in a variety of fascinating settings, including the jungle, farm, space, etc., Smart Tales offers an extensive collection. You can find numerous interactive and animated storybook pages there.

A single touch allows the kids to engage with the animations and explore a magical and entertaining universe. You can get the Smart Tales app for both Android and iOS devices.

Inspirit App

Inspirit is a STEM app that makes use of immersive learning tools. Plenty of tools like 3D and VR can keep students 5X more interested while significantly increasing learning retention. 

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You can choose from thousands of high-quality spirits in biology, chemistry, and physics using Inspirit, including 3D models, simulations, study aids, and more.

With the simple-to-use tools on Inspirit, such as Spirit Slides and Spirit Docs, you can integrate 3D and VR technology into your science lessons. With the help of this platform, you can quickly construct an immersive learning environment.


Tynker is a STEM app offered by Byjus. It offers an interactive story-based learning feature. It enables children and teenagers to pick up the fundamentals of coding through simple block-based tasks before smoothly moving on to text-based programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

No matter their age or skill, every student can find a learning path with their selection of more than 70 award-winning courses. 

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The Tynker app offers more than 5,000 courses that are supported by hundreds of in-app tutorials, practical projects, and interactive tests. It also provides various solutions, including block-based coding, icon coding for pre-readers, Python, JavaScript, Data Science, art, and image processing courses.

Crazy Gears

Crazy Gears is a cutting-edge digital puzzle iOS game created with a simple mechanical engine. The app is made by keeping kids’ critical thinking abilities in mind.

Kids control pulleys, chains, rods, and gears in this engaging puzzle game to go past each stage. This teaches them how various mechanisms interact while building a machine. 

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Developers created Crazy Gears to inspire kids to learn about and comprehend the physical characteristics of mechanisms they see daily.

The platform does this by allowing the kid to play around with the things in each stage to see how they interact with one another to complete a task. Kids can build their grasp of STEM subjects through interactions with technology.

Odd Bot Out

Odd Bot Out is a STEM iOS software that is enjoyable and amusing. In this app, Odd, the robot in the discussion, is unique compared to other robots. The game is straightforward, and Odd can go on to the next level only after passing a test.

You’ll need to use physics, electricity, and construction blocks to assist Odd in escaping the robot factory. 

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Each level offers a unique challenge in this contraption puzzle game. The puzzles can be anything like building a bridge across an abyss, designing and operating a dangerous vehicle, or riding a robotic centipede. With wheels, motors, circuits, and other construction elements, it offers 100 distinct and challenging levels. It offers a creative, non-violent, and stress-free form of gameplay.

DNA Play

In a simple pure-play manner, the entertaining iOS game DNA Play exposes kids to the fundamentals of DNA. By solving a series of easy DNA challenges, you can develop monsters using this software. By changing genes, you can get imaginative and experiment with odd mutations of various body parts. 

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This game is ideal for STEM teaching since it provides a fun introduction to DNA, biology, and genetics.

You can construct over 200 billion different types of creatures, solve DNA crossword puzzles, and exchange puzzle pieces to cause mutations. There are many surprising and entertaining interactions, as you can have your monsters alter their forms in real-time when they dance, skate, eat, or sleep.

States of Matter App

States of Matter is another app from which kids can learn the fundamentals of science. Children learn through activity, experimentation, observation, questioning, speculating, and seeking solutions. You can gain knowledge about the different states of matter with this app.

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You can explore the form, color, behavior, noises, and movement of various states of matter by freezing soda, popping popcorn, melting gold, and more.

Additionally, you may learn how different items respond to temperatures ranging from -500 °F to 5500 °F. As you experiment with phase shifts and alter the temperature, you may observe solids melt, liquids freeze, and gasses liquefy while learning which changes are irreversible.

STEM Buddies

STEM Buddies uses stories, animations, and entertaining activities to pique children’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and introduce them to 21st-century skills.

This educational software is engaging and entertaining. It features a number of little animated tales about the STEM Buddies’ day-to-day activities. 

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They will encourage kids between 4 and 9 to enjoy STEM. The kids acquire the skills necessary to become self-directed, futuristic, and collaborative learners by following the characters in their stories.

STEMWerkz App

For kids ages 6 to 12, STEMWerkz offers a customizable learning environment with over 800 pieces of material, including interactive movies, tales, games, and more. For kids to study at their own pace or to help them with schoolwork, it offers more than 800 interactive learning stories. 

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STEMWerkz is an online game and adventure for kids in which they must develop a virtual city, solve problems, and restore peace in STEAMValley. They accomplish this by creating compelling characters and using STEAM knowledge and skills to attain goals.

On STEMWerkz, kids can interact with people from all around the world and make new friends. Additionally, they can monitor their development and acquire the accomplishment badges they deserve on this site.

STEM Education and English

A fun and engaging introduction to English and STEM subjects is offered via the educational software STEM Education and English for kids between the ages of 3 and 8. It is an experience-based program jam-packed with engaging games and information that combines English study with STEM discovery.

The platform seeks to give children the necessary resources, aptitudes, and perspectives to learn more about the incredible world around them.

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The Next Generation Science Standards for K–5th Grade and the Math Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten are both connected with the material on the STEM Education and ENGLISH app.

The coding curriculum encourages kids to explore and design their coding through engaging game-style activities, helping them cultivate a growth mentality.


Nowadays, everything is some way or the other, connected to STEM. STEM apps provide an intelligent and entertaining way to make children understand the basics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

When kids start to get interested in STEM subjects, they gain a lot of skills that will be very beneficial for them in the current and coming times. So, if you have not yet explored the world of STEM apps, you should do it now!

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