GTA5 is famous among gamers for years. 

But, what is the connection with FiveM?

FiveM is the modification of the popular game, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) that enables you to play a customized multiplayer game on dedicated game servers.

This game, FiveM, is powered by and gives you endless possibilities to create and play your favorite game mode without any restrictions. 

Today, you have so many video game options, featuring zombies, fighters, robots, cars, etc. But GTA owns its popularity among many players. The game lets you virtually live your life as a free man. You can also complete the missions to grow. 

The best part of the game is you can run, drive any car or bike, and do whatever you want. FiveM multiplies your gameplay experience with security, performance, valuable features, and speed. 

Let’s dig deeper into FiveM and find the best FiveM server hosting since you have many options in the market to get confused with.

What is FiveM?

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FiveM is just a modification of the original game, GTA5, that keeps all the core functionalities constant and adds some extra features into the game, such as multiplayer options. It is the role-playing mod that allows you to play the game even better with the help of customized dedicated servers. 

Multiplayer options in the Grand Theft Auto game open many game features that are restricted in the single mod gameplay. You can add up to 30 players at a time into the game. In addition, you can still roam in the open world freely as per your wish without getting busted. 


The gameplay of FiveM is similar to the most popular open-world game i.e., Grand Theft Auto V. FiveM is an open-world game that shows a virtual city based in Los Angeles, known as Los Santos. 

In the game, you are free to roam around the countryside of San Andreas. You can play this game either from a first-person or third-person’s perspective. The main objective of the game is to complete specific missions to go ahead with your storyline. 

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Here, the player is a free man who can explore the country using any transportation or by walking or running. You may also face some combat missions where you can use explosives, melee attack skills, and firearms. 

With the multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends easily. Players can enter the lobbies to complete tasks cooperatively with teams. You can also manipulate certain parameters in order to create some custom jobs like racetracks, deathmatch, etc.

Some of the Important features of FiveM are

So, if you want to play the game without interruptions, lags, downtimes, or network outages, choosing high-performing game server hosting will be beneficial.

Since there are many options to choose from, get the best one that is affordable, powerful, stable, and reliable. 

Let’s dig into the features you must look at before renting a game server. 

Efficient Data Center

The quality of the data center is obviously an important factor. You must host the game server in your nearest data center. Also, a data center must have high-performance hardware, DDoS protection, low ping, greater uptime, and high availability. 

With a data center having redundant power, network, low latency connections, and route-optimized connections, you can play your favorite game without any disturbances. 


When you start renting a game server, you may face certain problems, like system specifications, website requirements, etc. You must see how much flexibility you get from a game server hosting provider to make changes to the settings. 

You must easily change your server settings according to the specific needs of the hard disk, RAM, CPU, and more. So. choose the one that allows you to quickly configure and make changes to the server environment.


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While playing your favorite game, you always wish for a non-stop session. Thus, the performance of your server is again a major factor that allows you to play without any distractions. You must get the latest technologies, SSDs, and processors to enable high-performance gaming.


Security is a major issue for most as a cyber attack can lead to losing a lot of essential data. Before purchasing the right server for you, you must check whether you are getting advanced DDoS protection along with other security features and backups in your nearest data center. 


Price is a major concern for everyone. However, this doesn’t mean that game servers are not worthy of investment. Depending upon the services and quality, you will get a game server. So, look at the features and pricing and compare different providers to choose the best one. Some hosting providers even offer custom packages to configure as per your requirement before buying. 

Now, let’s talk about the best FiveM server hosting providers.

Realms Hosting

Get the powerful and sustainable game servers with Realms Hosting and enjoy your gameplay. Make changes to the game settings easily with the help of the game panel and get free access to the file manager and file editor.

Realms Hosting’s easy-to-use control panel allows you to configure your game per your choice. You can also know the status of your server and access your saved games as well as saved configs. It is available worldwide to provide a low ping experience to every player across the globe. 

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Whether you need a small server or a big network, Realms Hosting always has your back. Join its Discord server for better support, get unlimited slots in every package you choose, and customize your game server according to your preference.

Realms Hosting uses powerful hardware, Intel processors, and NVMe SSD for high performance, low latency, and high availability of your server. It will ensure your server will be online 24×7. 

Order your favorite package according to your storage and processor requirements to enjoy your gameplay. 

Iceline Hosting

Experience a reliable hosting platform for your favorite FiveM game with Iceline Hosting. No need to wait for getting your server ready; complete your registration process and start your server within seconds. 

Iceline Hosting offers complete protection from DDoS attacks and 99.99% uptime across all the servers. Thus, you will never face any lag in between your gameplay. It also secures your files and saved games from any disaster. 

Whenever you want to change your play environment, you can switch between available games through Iceline Hosting’s game panel without paying extra. All the game servers come with unlimited slots options.

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You will get powerful CPUs, DDR4 RAM, and NVMe SSD with the server you choose to experience low ping and high performance. Change the specs anytime you want from the control panel and access the original game AI and counter your boredom. 

There are thousands of configurations and scripts available to install to the server easily. You can install frameworks like vRP and ESX to create your role-play server. Let Iceline Hosting deal with all the technical stuff so that you can focus on the game alone. 

Upgrade your gaming experience with AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU, full SFTP access, NVMe storage, seven worldwide locations, DDoS protection, 6 hours of backup, and more. Choose your nearest location for your game server to play non-stop. 

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a full refund within 48 hours of buying. Start setting up your game server with over 30 custom features. 


Host your own FiveM server on the Cubes hosting platform and experience quality gameplay. With its robust, affordable, and reliable FiveM hosting services, you will get everything you want to run your favorite game on your PC.

Take the help from Cubes’ vast library and install the applications easily or re-install your OS with just a single click. Do not worry if your workload is expanding, you can upgrade the service as per your requirement to achieve high performance. 

You can utilize KVM virtualization which is one of the best hypervisors to have full control over the game server with scalability, performance, and reliability. Not only KVM, but you can also use docker containers as much as you want to control your servers and bring them to their full potential. 

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Cubes use highly effective and powerful Intel Xeon processors with efficient NVMe SSD storage space to ensure high performance and availability. Its advanced firewall protects your server against basic and powerful attacks.

To ensure a 24×7 server online, Cubes introduces DDoS protection from unwanted attacks. It utilizes a 250 Mbps connection that is routed via one of the biggest data centers in Europe to provide low latency. In every plan, you will find backup space for your saved files, games, and configs. 

Get full SFTP access, text editor access, file manager access, remote API access, full admin access, and more. Furthermore, you will find a backup manager, database manager, sub-user accounts, power actions, and 2FA authentication. 


Get a different experience of playing a GTA alike game in ChimpanzeeHost game servers and access file manager and editors to modify game settings. Its cutting-edge powerful hardware and real-time 24×7 support empower your gameplay. 

Activate your server instantly and start playing the game. ChimpanzeeHost also offers multi-layer DDoS protection against unwanted attacks. Since there is no limit on player slots, you are free to choose from any power pack. 

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ChimpanzeeHost has a powerful infrastructure and load balancing capabilities so that it can provide a lag-free experience. With its dynamic resource assignment, you can use your game server without any interruption, run it at its optimal state, and get cloud servers to handle the game load. 

Moreover, its powerful and customized control panel let you change settings and know your server status with ease. You can also maintain stability, performance, and availability with this reliable and premium game server hosting. Create sub-users easily and give them quick access permissions, monitor your game server, and extract detailed statistics. You will also get various game modes to choose from.

Order it now and start playing. 


Get highspeed SSDs, powerful hardware, and a sturdy server for your FiveM game server with ZAP-Hosting. Don’t worry about the setup; with ZAP-Hosting, your server will be ready in minutes automatically so that you can start playing.

Switch between any available games and locations at zero cost whenever you want for high performance. ZAP-Hosting also offers a cloud server that lets you manage your server easily. With just a few clicks, you are up for anything.

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ZAP-Hosting checks all the steam games every 5 minutes and frequently installs new updates. If there is any update, you will be informed immediately in the web interface. In addition, using ZAP-Hosting is flexible and reliable. It also protects your files 24×7 with the help of DDoS protection.

Furthermore, the platform houses its infrastructure in various locations, such as Eygelshoven, London, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Ashburn, Montreal, Dallas, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Singapore. You can also check the ping of your preferable location before you choose any from the option. 

Order your server now and configure it according to your requirement to start playing your favorite game within minutes.

Fatality Servers

Fatality Servers provides premium and reliable FiveM server hosting along with advanced DDoS protection and 99.99% uptime. Rent your FiveM game server with a few clicks and let Fatality Servers make your work even simpler. 

The majority of the game servers are running on AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs for stability and availability of the servers 24×7. All the servers have DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe SSDs of high performance and blazing-fast speed. 

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Fatality Servers uses Linux operating system which is the most stable OS for the game servers. Get worldwide server locations, full mod support, and up to 120 server slots. You can also switch between available games at any time and from anywhere. 

The dedicated servers let you experience seamless gameplay without any limitations and minimum customization options. It also supports GT-MP and Rage MP mod and is equipped with many powerful features so that you and your friends can start playing easily without worrying about complexities. 


Order your dedicated game server now with CraftAndSurvive and get the benefits that you need to experience seamless gameplay. It can set up your game server instantly as soon as you complete your order. 

CraftAndSurvive ensures your server is online 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You will get network and power simultaneously and its dynamic web interface makes your job easier. You can also make changes to the server settings with a few clicks of buttons. 

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Furthermore, it has a TCAdmin2 control panel that gives you the power to create your own game servers by using templates. You can also create sub-users, start or stop your server, and configure it from anywhere to get your server live within minutes.

You will get various locations across the world, including Paris, Los Angeles, Montreal, Frankfurt, Sydney, New York, Stockholm, London, Dallas, and Strausberg. Mostly, you will find Intel Xeon processors with DDR4 RAM and powerful SSDs. 

In some data centers, it uses Intel 4.0 GHz Intel i7 CPUs, DDR3 ECC RAM, and RE4 enterprise drives. With this powerful hardware, you will experience high performance, availability, and speed. Choose your nearest location and get the game server now. 


I hope you now have an idea about FiveM and the benefits of each game server hosting provider mentioned above. So, when you choose a perfect gaming server, keep in mind important features, security, performance, uptime, and availability.

Investing in the right service by considering these factors will help you enjoy a seamless gameplay experience. Thus, make your choice based on the budget and offerings, and start playing your favorite game today.