It is the time of smart devices taking over the old ones.

Earlier, we used to sit and watch movies that were being shown on TV. At that time, we didn’t have an option to view the movies of our choice. But now, we are completely free to watch anything on TV because of the advent of Smart TVs.

A majority of people purchase Smart TVs for the availability of enhanced features. The best thing that people enjoy when it comes to smart TVs is the Screen Mirroring option. Well, the Screen Mirroring option is not only available on Smart TVs, but you can even find it on your PC, laptop, iPad, or any big screen.

What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen Mirroring is a technique to view all your smartphone’s content on any big screen like a tablet, PC, or TV. There is no need to provide complete access to these devices because you only mirror the screen here.

Screen Mirroring is not only useful for watching your favorite movies on big screens, but you can even play games, take up video conference calls, coding, and a lot more. Smartphones can perform almost everything these days, but the biggest downside is their small screen. A perfect solution to this problem is screen mirroring.

8 Best Wireless Screen Mirroring iOS and Android App Smart Things

Now, there is no need to set up a projector for viewing anything on a bigger screen. Instead, you can use a screen mirroring or screencasting app to fulfill your purpose. People love to use the screen mirroring apps for movie nights and watching the photos in their gallery on a huge screen. Professionals also use these apps to explain office presentations in a better way with the help of a bigger screen.

Gaming, watching movies, and every such task feels excellent while viewing them on big screens of TV and PC.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s ditch the traditional method of setting up a projector to view anything on big screens and use the screen mirroring technology.

Let’s explore the options…

Screen Mirroring App

If you are looking for a premium app to mirror your screen with all the advanced features, then the Screen Mirroring App is an excellent choice. You can wirelessly mirror your Android, iPhone, iPad, Chromebooks, Windows, or Mac devices to your Smart TV or any other big screens.

There is no need for any wires like you need for setting up a projector. This screen mirroring app will mirror everything on your phone, including documents, apps, websites, videos, games, and photos. So, you can get uninterrupted entertainment on big screens.

Screen mirroring occurs through your Wi-Fi or remote internet connection. You can even create a second screen on other devices with this app. This app has merged all the benefits of different screen mirroring apps to offer endless options for screen sharing. Of course, the quality and resolution of the image will depend upon your device and network capabilities.

The screen mirroring options made available by this app are:

  • Mirroring Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook screens
  • Use the internet for mirroring your screen
  • Mirror between two browsers
  • Creating a second screen on the other device
  • Mirror iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebook to Google Chromecast
  • Mirror Android, iOS, and Chromebook to Roku TV, Smart TV, Fire TV, and Gaming Consoles

With so many options for screen mirroring, I am sure it will serve your need.


Wondershare MirrorGo is an advanced screen mirroring app for Android devices. This is a power-packed app for mirroring your Android screens to big screens of TVs and PCs, controlling your smartphone with your PC, and transferring files from your phone to your PC.

You can control every app from your Android phone with the help of PC controls. Screen mirroring without any delays or lagging allows you to work and play games on big screens in a better way.

While playing games by mirroring your phone screen to PC, you can map every key from the screen to your keyboard. Now, you can enjoy all the mobile phone games on your PC with fluent performance and an excellent experience.

You can transfer photos, videos, documents, and any other file from your phone to PC with a single click or the drag and drop feature. The clipboard makes it easy to share content from your phone to your computer. You could directly save the recorded videos of screen mirroring on your PC. With the help of this app, you can directly transfer the recorded screenshots and videos without any need for a USB cable.


FonePaw ScreenMo is not only useful for screen mirroring, but you can also wirelessly record your screen. You can mirror multiple devices at the same time to your computer or TV. There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad for using this tool.

Through screen mirroring, you will be able to wirelessly connect your iPad/iPhone to Mac and Windows PC. The screen will be displayed in 1080p resolution on PC and TV. Whether you wish to use screen mirroring for office presentations or movie nights, you can do it all with this tool.

8 Best Wireless Screen Mirroring iOS and Android App Smart Things

There won’t be any issues of lagging when you mirror the screen to your PC. The best thing here is that you can even record everything that is being mirrored on your PC with the help of ScreenMo. There are no chances of quality loss as everything would be visible in HD quality.

So, you can now enjoy your movie nights, gaming sessions, educational videos, and office presentations on big screens with utmost comfort.

It is pretty easy to use the tool.


For perfect and uninterrupted screen mirroring from your Android to your TV, you can rely on Castto. It is pretty simple to use this app because we can say that the app functions itself. You only need to start the app and connect your TV with it. The app will handle everything else.

Whenever there are new updates of the app available, you can enjoy them for free.  The app is compatible with all the Android versions above 4.0.

Now, you can enjoy your movie nights on big screens with a single click of your smartphone. You can even have uninterrupted gaming sessions on big screens to raise the level of thrill and entertainment.

Reflector 4

You would have never felt screen mirroring and recording to be so easy if you have never tried Reflector 4 screen mirroring and streaming software. There is no need to set up any hardware or wires because everything here is wireless.

All you need to do is download and install the Reflector software on your Windows, Mac, or Android devices. Later on, you can easily mirror and stream from devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Mac, Windows, and Chromebook. Reflector combines the power of all the media streaming receivers such as Chromecast, Mira Cast, and Apple TV to become a one-stop solution for screen mirroring and streaming.

The developers have rigorously tested the core technology used by the software to provide a high-performing and reliable screen mirroring experience. You can also create an ultimate experience of content sharing by connecting multiple devices simultaneously. You can also record the entire screen mirrored sessions for creating tutorials and presentations along with the audio.

Screen Mirroring

If you are looking for something easy and simple, you should look at the Screen Mirroring – TV Cast app on your iOS devices. You can enjoy high-quality screen mirroring of your iPhone or iPad to your TV.

8 Best Wireless Screen Mirroring iOS and Android App Smart Things

This application turns out to be a pretty useful one for serving different purposes. You can easily create presentations for your business meetings on a big screen with this app. You can cast photos and videos for memories and even have a movie night with this app. Whichever app you can use on your iPhone or iPad, you can cast the screen over here to enjoy your favorite movie from different platforms such as Dailymotion, Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, and many more.

The only downside here is that you cannot enjoy mirroring your games because this app still has a 5-6 seconds delay. So, if you are a fan of gaming, you won’t find this app to be a good one for you. Other than that, the app is pretty simple and worthy to use.

Smart Things

Samsung Smart Things is much more than just screen mirroring. As the name suggests, you get to control all the smart things in your house at your fingertips. Every device and appliance at your home that has been registered on the server can be controlled with the help of this app.

You can capture some of the best memories and instantly cast them on your TV screens with the screen mirroring function. Whether it is a small photo or a video, you don’t have to miss out on family memories anymore.

Smart Things connect everything for making your life simpler and entertaining. You can create a brilliant environment by using this app. There are endless possibilities of using Smart Things. For instance, you can track your steps with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, open your door with your phone, cast workout videos from your phone to your TV, and even set up room temperature while you are outside to return to a cool atmosphere in the house.

Everyday errands would be taken care of through scheduled instructions so that you can enjoy quality time with your family. With automation, everything comes to your fingertips, and you will only think of it as imagination.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating a complete smart ecosystem with the help of Samsung Smart Things.


ApowerMirror is a high-quality screen mirroring and streaming app that makes use of mainstream mirroring technology. You can mirror their Android and iOS devices to PC through Wi-Fi or USB, and you can even cast the screen to TV without any lag issues. So, you receive an ultimate screen mirroring experience with the option to share your audio too.

ApowerMirror allows you to mirror 4 devices at the same time to your PC. Here, you can use your mouse to move over the screen and keyboard for typing. Now, there is no need to install emulators for playing mobile games on PC because you can screen mirror and play efficiently on your PC. With the help of pre-set virtual keys and options for customization, it won’t take more than a minute for you to adapt to it.

You can use this app for all the purposes like presentations, home entertainment, gaming sessions, live streaming, intelligent education, and much more.

The cross-platform feature of this app makes it stand out in the market. No matter what device you are using, you can screen mirror it on your PC or TV with ease.

Final Words

The first thing that you should focus on while looking for a screen mirroring app is that the app has to be user-friendly and pretty easy to connect. With the right screen mirroring app, you can easily enjoy everything on big screens. The above list will help you to find the right one for your device.

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