Let’s check some of the data science people on YouTube to enlighten the way in this red hot career option.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the yearly salary of a data scientist is $108,660, almost twice the annual mean wage ($58,260).

This fact alone speaks volumes about the career prospects of an aspiring data scientist. And since this career path is a lot greener than its counterparts, it’s common to find an abundance of misguidance.

So, we thought of putting together this list, indicating some of the authentic sources of data science influencers on YouTube.

Let’s begin.

Ken Jee

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Ken Jee has been creating data science content for the past eight years. He’s been primarily using his data prowess as a sports analyst and helping people wanting to break into data science.

The playlists are divided into jobs, sports analytics, resume building, interviews, funny skits, productivity, etc.

Besides, Ken has also run a data science learning challenge, #66DaysOfData, in the past, which asked only five minutes from your daily routine to learn data science.

Overall, Ken Jee is an active person in this domain who has benefited many with his skills, advice, and whatnot.

Other than YouTube, you can find Ken’s personal website featuring everything he does with data science.

Data Professor

Data Professor (aka Chanin Nantasenamat) is a Ph.D. actively working in data science applications in medicine.

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You’ll find learning tutorials; however, Data Professor seems more inclined to use Python in data science.

There are separate playlists consisting Streamlit, Mito, PyWebIO, etc., indicating Chanin’s profound love for Python web development and data analysis.

And like Ken, Chanin also has podcast episodes featuring other data science professionals and their expertise in this field.

Tina Huang

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Tina Huang is a prominent data scientist, previously working at a FAANG company, and has been an active YouTuber, creating data science content for nearly a decade.

Her YouTube channel advises data science jobs, self-study, boosting productivity, resume reviews, etc.

In addition to this general data science content, Tina teaches SQL in data science. And this also makes for the single course she has on her personal website.

Luke Barousse

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Luke works as a data analyst and is one of the recently joining data science creators on YouTube.

His YouTube journey started in August 2020. Even so, as of this writing, he has over 200k subscribers, thanks to his creativity.

What else sets him apart is the ease you can contact him. You just need to comment on his YouTube channel, and you’re guaranteed to get his response.

His YouTube channel sheds light on the day-to-day data science tools, his life as a data analyst, real-life experience, and much more, making him a must-watch for data enthusiasts.

Data Science Jay

Jay, the creator of this Data Science channel, is also the founder of Interview Query, a platform to help you succeed in your following data science interview.

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Jay mainly creates mock interviews on YouTube targeting people who want to get elected in top-tier companies in data scientist roles.

Krish Naik

Krish Naik is right there with the front runners if you go just by the sheer subscriber count.

And the subscriber numbers aren’t just a coincidence but the result of a decade of excellent work comprising AI, ML, NLP, data science, etc.

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Krish is also the co-founder of iNeuron, an ed-tech with its job & internship portal and tons of courses in prominent career streams, including data science.

Sundas Khalid

Sundas Khalid is a self-taught data scientist currently working at a FAANG company.

And since she’s into this unconventionally, her advice is spot one for anyone seeking entry into this high-paying domain.

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Sundas is also featured on Coursera, Forbes, and many more publications taking note of her unorthodox data science career.

On YouTube, she shares her learnings and how to learn data science as a beginner.

Code Basics

Dhaval Patel’s Code Basics is more about coding for everyone. However, you’ll find a separate section about data science with Python and related content.

There is plenty of free content to start your data science journey. In addition, a few paid courses on the Code Basics website feature Python and data analysis in Power BI.


So these are some YouTubers you can check out who regularly dabble in data science.

And while Python is the top choice, there are a few more programming languages to use in data science. Besides, you can check out machine learning and data science resources.