When that belly grows by another inch, the first thing that comes to mind is, “why do the tastiest food also have the most calories?”. Weight control is a constant battle for many people in the current fast food-dominated era.

Although a workout is recommended, not everyone can squeeze in a workout session in their schedule, especially in the current pandemic situation where going to the gym isn’t feasible. That’s where weight loss diet plans can help you lose weight even without exercise.

I have tried many different diet plans, and one thing that made it easier to manage them is a dedicated mobile app. True, my efforts usually don’t last more than a week (that’s on me), but an app makes it a snap to pick up a diet plan and follow without learning the ins and outs.

If you are ready to lose some pounds, then I know just the right diet plan apps. These apps either have different diet plans or help you with dieting by offering related tools for a healthy life.

Carb Manager

If you are ready to join the keto revolution, then Carb Manager will be the only app you’ll need. To follow the keto low-carb high-fat diet, Carb Manager has a keto-specific calculator to track fats, proteins and, carbs. It will warn you when you intake more than recommended and also offers notifications to drink water.

The app really makes it easy to log in to your meals by voice or directly taking a picture of the meal. You can also join the community where other keto followers share their progress and lose weight together.

Using the keto counter and related features is completely free, but there is a premium version to indulge in keto dieting fully. Some of the premium features include keto recipes, advanced reports, meal planners, fitness device connectivity, diabetes tracker, and more.

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I will start with an all-in-one app that caters to multiple diet programs and offers tools to follow them successfully. Whether you want to start keto, detox liquid diet, paleo, or intermittent fasting, Lifesum has the information and tools to follow them properly.

The app has a quick test that it uses to learn about your schedule and lifestyle and then recommends diet plans accordingly. It has tips and learning material to learn about the diet plan you follow. You can even find tasty recipes based on the diet plan you choose.

It has a built-in calorie counter, macro tracker, and food diary customized to your diet plan to offer required information. You can manage 1 diet plan with basic access to tools in the free version; you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version for $4.17/month to access all the features.

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If you don’t want to limit yourself to specific foods and don’t mind staying hungry a little, then an intermittent fasting diet can be a great way to lose weight. YAZIO is a dedicated app to help with all types of intermittent fasting diets. The app can track your fasting schedule, track activity, count calories, and offer recipes for healthy meals.

8 Perfect Diet Plan Apps to Help You Lose Weight Smart Things

It has over 20 fasting plans such as 16:8, 12:12, and even day-based fasting like 6:1 or 5:2. YAZIO will notify you when to fast and eat, and it even has reminders to drink water while fasting. It also has over 1000 healthy recipes to compliment your fasts, and you can use the built-in meal planner to create your own meal plan.

Most of its features work in the free version, but you need to buy the pro version from inside the app to access more information and get customer support.

Alternatively, you can also give Fasting App a try, which is arguably easier to pick up for beginners.

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Detox diet plan

Although most detox diet plans are used to fight digestive, immune, and skin diseases, it has also been known for helping in losing weight. If you are interested in doing a heavy liquid-based diet, then the Detox diet plan app will be useful. The app will create a 7-days meal plan consisting of different fruits and vegetables, juices, and low-fat meals.

8 Perfect Diet Plan Apps to Help You Lose Weight Smart Things

A full day’s meal plan consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks along with a bunch of detox juices. Each day’s meal is different from the other and resets after 7-days. Besides detox diet, the app also contains lots of weight loss and health tips and tutorials of exercises specifically made to lose belly fat.

The detox diet plan is definitely worth trying if you want to lose weight quickly and cleanse your body of all the toxins. However, it may not be best in the long term as you can’t keep up with such a diet for too long. If you follow the detox diet, I’ll recommend converting to the regular diet very slowly to avoid rapidly gaining weight again.

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Another great companion app when you are ready to start dieting. The selling point HealthifyMe is definitely its powerful calorie counter and food diary feature. Based on your BMI, the app will create goals for you to lose weight and help you control your calorie intake.

8 Perfect Diet Plan Apps to Help You Lose Weight Smart Things

You can quickly log your meals, and the app will offer a complete breakdown of your calorie count along with nutrition facts. The app even has an AI nutritionist named Ria who can answer most of your nutrition-related questions quickly.

You need to get premium plans to use these features. Apart from these app features, you can also get a premium plan to access real-life coaches for both diet and workout who will create customized plans and offer unlimited chat to answer all your questions.

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Boiled Egg Diet Plan

Like eggs? Then this diet might fit you, especially if you are trying to lose weight for a special event quickly. The Boiled Egg diet is known to quickly lose weight by limiting your diet to protein, good fats, and essential minerals & vitamins. This app will create a full 7-day egg-based diet plan for you to follow.

8 Perfect Diet Plan Apps to Help You Lose Weight Smart Things

Not only will it create the diet plan, but it also lists all the ingredients and how to prepare the recipes. Furthermore, if you don’t like a specific ingredient or are allergic to something, the app also shows alternatives you can use.

It also tells you about some healthy snacks that you can eat if you feel hungry before the main course. Although be careful before following this diet as it is very high in protein, so it can be harmful to some people with medical conditions.

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Eat This Much

Do you like the idea of creating your own diet plan? Eat This Much can make that happen by creating a fully customized diet plan for you based on your requirement and resources.

You need to tell the app basic information like the food you like, how much you want to lose, your budget, and your daily activity, etc., and the app will create a custom diet plan based on this info. You can even choose different popular diets to create a custom diet plan that fits that program.

8 Perfect Diet Plan Apps to Help You Lose Weight Smart Things

The app can generate a full week meal plan based on the preferences, and you can log in meals when you eat or skip them for accurate stats. Best of all, you can omit any recipe or ingredient from the plan if you don’t like it, and the app will offer an alternative.

Most of the features are completely free, but you can upgrade to the premium version to get advanced features like full week meals and shopping lists, etc.

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Paleo Diet Plan

If you are into organic foods, then a paleo diet plan can offer a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose weight and maintain it. Paleo Diet Plan app offers extensive information about the paleo diet and creates a diet plan for you. It will create a full week’s plan for you to follow, and you can omit meals and ingredients too.

8 Perfect Diet Plan Apps to Help You Lose Weight Smart Things

It has dedicated sections listing recipes according to the paleo diet, including breakfast, sauces, drinks, desserts, salads, sides, snacks, and soups. If you don’t want to follow the provided meal plan, you can always use any of the recipes to make your own meal.

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Ending thoughts

If you ask me, I’ll recommend either intermittent fasting or keto for weight loss. I have personally tried many weight loss diet plans and found these two to be actually effective, even though I didn’t keep up for too long. These two diets also don’t have the yo-yo effect where the weight rapidly gains once you are done using the diet plan.

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