ArtWorkout is a learn-to-draw application that teaches step-by-step instructions while giving real-time feedback about accuracy. This personal drawing trainer has 600 doodling, sketching, painting, and calligraphy lessons.

ArtWorkout is most suitable for working on an iPad (which supports Apple Pencil), but you can also try this on your iPhone and Mac. It is developed by Aleksandr Ulitin. Currently, this drawing app boasts 4.6/5 ratings by 17.1K users on the App Store.

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Benefits of Using ArtWorkout

ArtWorkout has multiple things going in the right direction for its takers.

Lesson Library: With over 600 lessons, ArtWorkout covers almost everything, right from the basic shapes, objects, and animals to emotions, facial features, and elementary landscapes.

Evaluation: Real-time feedback and undo help the artist improve with every stroke.

Stylus Support: Great user experience with Apple Pencil or any supporting third-party stylus.

Personal Training: ArtWorkout begins with a very low barrier for aspiring artists. One gets really useful theoretical instructions, followed by thorough practice.

Gamified Learning: ArtWorkout has a very intuitive, game-like user interface, which makes learning fun and easy.

ArtWorkout: Features & Hands-On Review

ArtWorkout isn’t loaded with complicated features, making it really straightforward for the artists. The home screen lists everything (Courses) you can draw with ArtWorkout, including the following objects.

  • Animals
  • Objects
  • Vegetables
  • Alphabets
  • Shapes
  • Symbols
  • Portraits
  • Anime faces
  • Landscapes
  • Emotions
  • Body parts, etc.

The other tab, Gallery, presents the lessons completed by the user.

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ArtWorkout works on the simple tracing concept. There aren’t many brushes or color options to overwhelm beginners.

Each exercise has this bar on the top, which gets filled gradually. The bar colors, green or red, indicate the extent of accuracy with each step.

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The steps don’t advance after too many deviations, prompting the user to undo and rectify or tap Skip. Too much inaccuracy throws the user at the start of that specific step.

The vertical slider at the side allows for setting the brush thickness. Based on the type of lesson, the slider can be accompanied by a lasso tool, a brush selection tray, and the ability to select (and draw on the) foreground/background.

The top-left hamburger icon on every project gives a few options: skip and restart the step, restart the lesson, turn on auto-advance, etc.

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Overall, ArtWorkout’s user interface allows artists to hone their crafts with features that work every single time without hiccups.

Can ArtWorkout Improve My Handwriting?

ArtWorkout can improve your handwriting.

That said, its handwriting lessons consist of tracing a few sentences (eight, as of this writing) and alphabets. So, it would be better to have more lessons to avoid monotony. Besides, including blank space along with the practice letters and phrases would have been great, which it currently lacks.

ArtWorkout: Pricing

ArtWorkout is priced in three segments: monthly, half-yearly, and annually, with the cost varying based on the location. The below-mentioned pricing applies to users based in the United States.

  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Half-yearly: $29.99
  • Annually: $41.99

Our Verdict

Even with a few lessons, I could already see ArtWorkout improving my drawing skills. While it was sometimes frustrating to draw with fingers as they aren’t that pointy after all, using this drawing app with a stylus can be addictive.

Due to its excellent usability and beautifully engaging lessons for beginners to mid-level artists, ArtWorkout receives the Geekflare Innovation Award

What are the apps that can help you learn drawing apart from ArtWorkout?

There are multiple apps, except ArtWorkout, based on the features and the target device. Some good alternatives are ShadowDraw, SimplyDraw, etc., as mentioned below.


ShadowDraw offers 1500 lessons made by real-life artists, where you can trace over the drawings to become an expert. It has two modes to learn drawing: freestyle or teacher, based on the choice of colors and painting tools. This drawing tool also lets you pause the progress and continue later.

ShadowDraw is a freemium app that provides paid members with better features, such as daily new lessons and family sharing.


SimplyDraw is a digital painting software best known for a custom learning experience. This app lets you draw things that interest you most, with professionally made video tutorials to help you along the way.

With new lessons added every week, SimplyDraw keeps it real by allowing you to get personalized feedback on your work and helping you practice on paper.


Sketchar blends technological brilliance with creativity to present an augmented reality (AR) powered learning flow comprising 550 drawing lessons.

In its simplest way, users can look through the smartphone camera to draw on the surface (paper). An advanced application of Sketchar is to use mixed reality devices, such as Microsoft HoloLens.

Sketchar has flexible subscription packages, including weekly, monthly, and yearly payments.


Procreate is an art studio with a massive community, excellent features, and a one-time payment going in its favor. It offers 100s of custom brushes and advanced tools for creating sketches, painting, illustrations, and more.

It supports Apple Pencil, has ultra-high definition canvases, auto-saves progress, and has lot many painting tools loved by experienced and amateur artists around the globe.

However, Procreate is limited to iPads and does not have a trial or free version as of this writing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best app to learn how to draw?

It depends on personal preference. Still, you can start with apps like ArtWorkout or SimplyDraw to see it yourself, as they have free versions.

Is there an iPad app that teaches you how to draw?

There are multiple apps for learning to draw on an iPad, such as ArtWorkout, Procreate, and more.

Is ArtWorkout on Android?

No. ArtWorkout is exclusive to the Apple App Store at the moment.

How much is an ArtWorkout subscription?

ArtWorkout subscriptions start at $7.99 monthly, with discounted plans for half-yearly and annual payments.

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