If you want to drive engaged traffic, then video content should be your priority.

The survey from all around the globe has claimed that video content can engage the viewers by 90% more compared to text or graphic content. It is not a secret anymore that audio-visual contents have a higher impact on the human brain, and people can retain that information for a long period. Which simply equates to higher engagement and huge ROI (Return On Investment)

However, for marketers and business owners the production cost of video ad campaigns has created a huge concern. Well, this problem can be solved easily with stock videos.

The following are some of the best stock video providers for your next product promotion campaign.


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Pexels is one of the most popular sites to get free stock videos. You can search from the online video library and choose the most suitable for your marketing campaigns. 

The majority of marketers prefer Pexels when it comes to getting stock videos. Well, this site also offers stock images.

All the videos available on Pexels are completely copyright free and you can use those videos for your advertising campaigns or any other professional purpose. However, if you want to donate for good quality stock images and videos, then you’re more than welcome. 


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

If you are a professional marketer and only looking for professional quality stock videos for your marketing campaigns, then this is the site you should go for.

Shutterstock has one of the largest high-quality video libraries on offer for professional marketers and digital entrepreneurs. 

However, to download the high-quality video you need to pay a premium monthly fee to Shutterstock. You can choose from their annual program or their monthly subscription package to suit your needs.

Depending upon your usage, and quality demand the price will be determined.

All the videos that are present on the library of Shutterstock are copyright free, and you can edit those videos as per your business requirements.

They also offer a wide range of solutions for all your content marketing related needs. You can get access to their image and music library access by paying for a small monthly subscription. If you want to engage your audience with professional quality videos, images, or music then Shutterstock can provide you the best solution for your money.

Envato Elements

Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Envato Elements is not just for stock footage, it is way more than that. If you are a professional, you are willing to learn more about video marketing or optimizing social media channels then this website has the right collection of tools and tutorials for you.

If you are just starting, and willing to promote your products or service by using video content, then this platform has a huge collection of stock video, to begin with. 

You can also get access to their stock image library and sound tract library which will help you to make a crisp promotional video. However, with the premium package, you will also get tutorial videos with no added extra cost. The video tutorials will help you to get into the details of video marketing, and how to optimize the stock videos to boost your marketing campaigns.


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Videoblocks is a huge stock image, video library for the modern-day online entrepreneurs.

Many of the freelancers and social media influencers face challenges to get the right music for their videos, and images to create thumbnails. Even, bloggers also find it very challenging to create the perfect animated effect to make their blog posts look more interesting. Videoblocks has brought solutions to all these problems with the introduction of their huge online library of royalty-free images, videos, and animated effects. 

You can also get animated clips, after effects, and various other interesting tools to create stunning social media posts for your marketing campaign.


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Vimeo has adopted a different approach to take the video marketing process to the next level. You will be able to experience high-end cinematography and videography skills on every footage available on this platform.

Vimeo has a basic free plan for everyone which can be used for beginners. Also, the users can upgrade their service package as per the demand. They also offer streaming services which will help you to experience live streaming stunning quality videos. 

The largest library of exclusive footage created by some of the best cinematographers and this factor makes this platform outstanding from its competitors. 

Adobe Stock

Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Adobe has almost become synonymous with photo and video editing software and some of the great creators swear by this brand name. However, very few people are aware of the stock video and image services offered by Adobe. 

Adobe has a wide range of editing software services on offer, which are being used to edit pictures, videos, vector images. Also, Adobe offers some high-end tools like Adobe Illustrator to create stunning graphics.

Adobe uses a credit system, and you need to purchase those credits to use the images or video footage. Different stock images and videos have different credit ratings, and depending upon the package you have you can make the purchase. Adobe Stock is perfect for those marketers who need to create a stunning ad-campaign with a tight budget.


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

If you are looking for stunning high-quality stock footage at free of cost, then Videvo is the perfect place for you. The huge collection of free stock footage, images, and music are enough to boost your social media posts.

However, if you want to use the videos for professional purpose then you can also choose their premium series of stock footage. Videvo has a huge collection of premium quality stock footage that can be used for marketing campaigns in almost every niche. Before making your purchase, you will also be able to view the entire footage which is a great feature to have. The simple easy to use interface has made this site very popular among marketers and business owners. 


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Pixabay is a very popular royalty-free image among social media influencers. But did you know, they offer stock videos as well?

The best part about Pixabay is, no money is required to join this platform. Also, all the images and footage that are present on the library of stock footage are on Pixabay license and anybody can use those images and videos on any social media channel. 

If you are willing to create a stunning ad-video and that also free of cost then Pixabay can be the ideal choice for you. You can also get a piece of copyright-free music, illustrators, and vectors. 


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

If you aim to make a crisp promotional video for your clients, then Videezy can be the best solution for all your needs. This site is known for being a one-stop solution for marketers around the globe.

For social media influencers, there is plenty of free stock video footage that is also available and these videos are better compared to any other free stock videos. You can easily craft a crisp promotional video on any niche. 

You can also join the professional program offered by Videezy to enjoy the complete benefit of the huge stock footage and after effect library.


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

Mixkit is a free stock video and music, service provider. This site has all the resources that can help you to make a high-end promotional video within a few minutes. These footages are easy to edit and perfect for beginners. 


Get Perfect Stock Videos for Your Product Promo Design Digital Marketing

The Coverr is one of the best stock footage services providers, and this site offers all its contents at free of cost. Unlike any other free stock footage providers, this site regularly updates its video library and all the contents are available with a 4K resolution variant. 

You can easily make a crisp and clear business video by using the stock footages on this site because the video footages that are available on this site are lengthy enough to experiment with editing. There is no limit on footage download, so you can download all the necessary resources to craft a stunning promotional video.


Video content is all over the internet, and every legendary marketer is forecasting the rising scope of a promotional video. If you want to increase your prospect’s engagement rate, then you can use these stock video providers to craft a stunning video for your products and services.

The production cost of a promotional video can consume a huge chunk of your profit margin, and you can save the money by simply choosing stock videos from the above sites.