Initially, it was thought that knitting and crocheting were only hobbies for folks with much spare time. However, today many people have made a living out of it.

Crocheting has gained popularity among almost every age group and has endless opportunities. A sole needle with a hooked edge and yarn is used to produce textiles when crocheting, a kind of yarn art. Shawls, sweaters, stockings, and other items can be made with crochet, just like knitting. 

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What are Crochet Apps?

Knitting and crocheting applications can ease your crafting life, much like many other items that have become digital to make life simpler. The ability to manage many works-in-progress simultaneously without adding information to separate pages in a book appeals to us these apps.

Crochet apps provide a platform to import all your designs and other information so you can manage your yarn supplies and ongoing projects hassle-free.

You don’t need to take the printed design around with you because of the software into which you may import the designs. This is particularly helpful if you’re knitting in public, with companions, or even in the garden.

While most applications are free, some require a fee to remove advertisements. Purchase the premium edition of an app if you genuinely like it and find it extremely useful. 

The apps can track the time of your daily activity of knitting and crocheting. This comes in handy when it requires only a smartphone device to carry along wherever you go. 

Benefits of Crocheting

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Crochet offers several advantages, much like any creative endeavor. Let’s examine them one by one. 

Crocheting brings down levels of stress and anxiety

Crocheting has a highly positive effect on your mental well-being. We are distracting ourselves from whatever has been bothering us by crocheting and letting ourselves be creative. Our mind can become more calm and free of nervous notions and thoughts by concentrating on the repetitive actions of single stitches and counting rows. 

Crocheting boosts productivity

So many options and colors are available that you’ll never get bored with the activity. It’s a fantastic means of feeling productive.

If you love to take up challenges, there are many patterns to experiment with and keep your mind occupied. This can slow the deterioration of cognitive function that comes with aging and helps create new brain connections that aid in memory.

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Crocheting transforms a pastime into a business

Earlier, if you had just started knitting as a hobby, today, in the world of limitless possibilities, you can turn it into a business and can make a living out of it. You can sell your work on various social media sites, get hired by an employer, or even work remotely in your surroundings at your convenience. 

Crocheting apps make your life easier

The crochet apps can help you design while referring to free crochet patterns, stitch counters, and other tools. It can even help you keep a track record of your incoming and outgoing supplies. The apps relieve you from carrying your notepads and other writing material. You will only require a smartphone to carry out your knitting task wherever you go. 

Enhances motor skills

Knitting and crocheting improve motor skills and keep your hands and fingers healthy as you age. Additionally, all patterns have certain mathematical elements, which keep your mind active and enable you to practice your arithmetic abilities.

Avoids loneliness

Knitting and crocheting projects are frequently done in organized or informal groups. You probably already know how well knitting and crocheting go with social activities, whether you take a class, attend a regular monthly club meeting, or work on projects.

There are a lot of crochet apps available to try and experiment with and get started with knitting. Here are a few options to choose from.


The first tool for creating knitting and crochet patterns is Patternum. It is fully tuned to make it simple and quick to generate dynamic and responsive patterns. Knitters and crocheters can utilize the Patternum-created patterns in the app for the best crafting environment or download them as PDFs.

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Just with a few clicks on your device, you can create top knitting and crocheting patterns. Here, the app provides a unique feature that can help you add personalized size instructions. You can also create beautiful charts using the app’s predefined symbols or by creating your own symbols. 

Once you’ve created your chart, you can review it anytime in the app to enhance it. You can be creative and learn from the mistakes that you made earlier.

Add all your pattern and design details quickly in a few clicks. The application appears to have excellent capabilities for creating a publishable pattern. It helps you understand everything while using it and is easy to use and very user-friendly.


Ravelry can be accessed while on the go on Android devices, thanks to Stash2Go. It gives access to friends, yarns, projects, and patterns. On iOS and Android, you can get the Lite version of the app for free. It is not at all obtrusive to see the advertising that keeps it free.

The very first thing the program will request of you is a Ravelry login. Once it’s finished, you can immediately access the Ravelry features through the application.

Most features have clear labeling on the interface, which is quite simple. You can add, erase, and edit items in your queue, stockpile, favorites, and projects. 

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While the majority of the features are fantastic, it is advised to stick to the desktop version for the forums if you enjoy socializing on Ravelry. Further, it also features some extra things like row counters for individual projects and a pooling generator for projects that will use the pool. 

All in all, this software is a fantastic resource for managing your projects while on the move. Although there are similar applications, Ravelers should choose this one since it integrates with Ravelry.


You may store all of your designs in one location with the help of the elegant, responsive LoveCrafts Knitting app. Once registered, you may link the app to your LoveCrafts or Ravelry account to integrate your pattern data.

When you open a design, the screen is filled with numerous sketching tools that help you mark off the parts of the pattern you’ve finished. You can retain track of the pattern even if you return to it weeks later with the marker, highlighter, or eraser. You can also utilize the notes to get extra help with a specific design. 

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The program also contains a counter to assist you in tracking your progress through the pattern. Lovecraft offers an area for photos where you can post finished patterns and see photos from other users of patterns, adding a social component. 

You can use, organize, and manage your Ravelry projects in one location by connecting your LoveCrafts Crochet App to your Ravelry library. Additionally, every week, free customized patterns will be sent to you. 

Crochet Row Counter & Patterns

You may upload patterns from other applications or markets like Etsy or the Ravelry app, browse and store PDF designs, count rows, and measure progress in this Crochet Row Counter app.

Utilize row counters with and – signs, watch the timer, and keep tabs on your custom knitting or crocheting patterns.

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This is an innovative approach to designing and optimizing patterns specifically for mobile devices. It lowers the threshold for users who can create projects, expanding the potential audience.

Further, it controls the inventory of crocheting supplies, including crochet hooks, yarn, and other tools. The app also ensures that the stash and yarns are constantly available for the creators.

It previews your projects and also gives you instructions for improving them. It has various tools and features to offer its users, like the hook size chart, free row counter, basic knitting tutorial, time planner for project completion, and many more. Kickstart your knitting journey with this app now. 

Amigurumi Today

Amigurumi Today is a free app that provides one new amigurumi pattern every week. The app allows you to bookmark your favorites and have some adorable stuff.

This software is for you if you enjoy lovely amigurumi patterns. This straightforward software offers many free crochet designs for adorable toys for crocheters of all skill levels.   

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Once registered, you get free access to knitting tutorials and free amigurumi patterns to try your hand on. Every week a new pattern is released so that users can try something new and challenging week in and week out. Here, the app lets you know your crochet skills level, boosting your confidence and telling you where to improve. 

You can choose your patterns according to your category. For instance, people who have just begun their crocheting journey may choose beginner patterns.

Similarly, people who have been into it for a long time may choose intermediate or advanced-level patterns. There are many features this app has to offer and explore. 


The best crochet program is AllFreeCrochet, which has a sophisticated interface that is simple to use. Find the most incredible free crochet patterns, instructions, tips, and articles with daily updates and stunning photos. You get to discover all types and levels in this app.

AllFreeCrochet is the ideal combination of entertaining designs, festive themes, and beautiful presents, with excellent photographs for simple browsing. The app’s feature generates new patterns daily and gives the crocheters a different assortment of patterns to try their hand on.

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The app is freely available and is constantly growing, coming up with new features and patterns. If you have any trouble while operating this app, you can always contact app support, which is quick and reliable.

With all the patterns you want to be embedded into one single place, the AllFreeCrochet app is the go-to app to keep pace with your crocheting and knitting experience. 


Crocheting and knitting are great hobbies or a business to get into. It keeps your mind occupied and lowers your mental age, keeping you always in a kind of skillful activity. This activity can be easily and quickly learned, requiring only minimal resources.

It is a relatively low-cost activity with all the positive benefits. The continuous knitting takes the mind into a form of meditation, making the person feel good by undergoing mindfulness. 

The apps mentioned above provide the best platform to start knitting today. With time, you will get to know the working of the apps. So for these reasons, take your smartphone out, download these apps and start crocheting.