Let’s face it: everyday life can be busy! Even though we’d like to be able to keep our laptops charged up before we leave our homes, when a busy schedule dictates, sometimes that isn’t always the case – and alternative charging methods have to make do. 

Whether it be for work or another reason, if you frequently find yourself needing to charge up your laptop while you’re on the road, then we’re here to lend you a helping hand.

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In this article, we’re going to be talking you through some of the most effective ways you can juice up your laptop in the car.

Read on! 

Option One: Use A USB Charger 

By far one of the easiest ways to charge up your laptop while you’re in a car is to simply opt to use a USB charger!

If you don’t already have one, then you will need to make sure that you are using a USB charger that is specifically designed to be compatible with your car, so you’ll need to make sure that you’re purchasing the right one so that you don’t get stuck with a USB charger that can’t be plugged into your car! 

Typically, most USB chargers on the market are specifically designed to be inserted into the cigarette port, although you could alternatively opt to connect a USB charger via the car battery.

However, do keep in mind that if you opt to charge your laptop via this method you could run the risk of draining your car’s battery, so try to use it sparingly and only while the car is running. 

Need a recommendation? No problem. The Syncwire USB C Car Charger is a fantastic option to consider and can be used to charge your laptop and your smartphone.

Featuring an innovative “snap-in” design, as soon as you insert this nifty little USB charger into your cigarette lighter, it will immediately lock itself in to ensure that it doesn’t pop out and interrupt laptop charging – no matter how bumpy the drive might be! 

Option Two: Use A Portable Charger Bank 

If you’d prefer an alternative option to a USB charger, you could instead opt to use a portable charging bank while you’re on the road.

In our opinion, we think that using a portable charging bank is a great idea because, besides eliminating the worry of draining your car’s battery, you’ll be able to enjoy a more powerful charging speed.

What’s more, a portable charging bank will also slot itself effortlessly into your backpack, workbag, or handbag, which means that you’ll be able to charge your laptop whenever, wherever. 

If you’re interested in trying out a portable charger bank for yourself and do not currently own one, then we recommend that you check out the Anker Portable Charger PowerCore Slim. Boasting plenty of versatility and a variety of charging modes, this charging bank will ensure that all of your devices stay juiced up while you’re on the road.

As a side note, you will need to ensure that your laptop charger is compatible with this bank (or any other charging bank you choose), as the last thing you’ll want to do is accidentally purchase a charging bank that isn’t compatible with your laptop’s charger.

In addition to this, it is also worth noting that many laptop manufacturers do sell chargers that have been designed in a USB format, so it’s worth checking if you do not currently have one. 

Option Three: Use A Car-Friendly Laptop Charger

If you’ve never heard about car-friendly laptop chargers, we think that you’ll be pretty pleased to now have them on your radar!

Upon first inspection, you’ll notice that car laptop chargers aren’t too different from a USB-C Charger, however, as they’re specifically designed for charging a laptop, it means that they typically tend to offer a far more efficient and speedy charging experience for your convenience. 

If you want to learn a little more about these types of laptop chargers, then we recommend turning your attention to the Pwr USB-C Car Charger.

Unlike other types of chargers currently on the market, the Pwr USB-C Car Charger is entirely unique because it is designed to be used as a replacement charger whenever you’re in a car or similar form of transportation.

It features a design that slots itself neatly into your car’s cigarette lighter port and is compatible with a variety of popular laptops, including the Chromebook. 

As a side note, it’s important to note that most car laptop chargers tend to come with a variety of connectors (in order to allow for plenty of charging versatility across multiple laptops) so it’s important to make sure that the car-friendly laptop charger that you buy has a connector that is compatible with your specific model of laptop – otherwise, you will waste money.

In addition to that, you should also make sure to always use the correct connector in your laptop’s connectivity jack.

Even though this might seem like common sense, this type of mistake is a lot more common than you might think, and could easily damage your laptop if an incorrect connector is inserted. 

Wrapping Up

So, there we have it! You’ve made it to the end of the article.

After taking the time to read through the three most effective methods for charging your laptop above, we’re hoping that you’ve now found the perfect car charging option for you.

If you’re currently on the fence and can’t make a decision about which laptop charging option might be best for you, why not give all three charging methods a try, and then decide which one is right for you from there?

Remember, regardless of which option you decide to go for, please make sure that you’re staying safe by only hooking up your laptop to its charger while you’re parked up, or when your car isn’t in motion.

Thanks for reading, and happy laptop charging! 

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