Here’s how to download and use the lunar client to upgrade your Minecraft gaming experience.

Minecraft is a strange-looking world of creativity loved by millions of users. This game restricts you to nothing except your imagination. You can play this in four single-player modes: Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore.

However, this game is renowned for its multiplayer (PVP) mode, which is played on Minecraft servers, like Hypixel Network.

But the vanilla gameplay may not be to everyone’s taste.

It’s kind of bland, suffers from low frame rates, and is aesthetically unappealing.

While you can install modpacks conventionally, a 3rd-party client like Lunar takes away these hassles, presenting an easy interface to manage multiple mods.

What’s Lunar Client?

Lunar Client includes modpacks for all modern Minecraft versions. It gives you access to various customizations with a few clicks to power up your gameplay.

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And the best part is it’s free to use. Still, you can find a lot of premium goodies on the Lunar store for extra fun and supporting its creators.

So, how does it help to play Minecraft with a 3rd-party client like Lunar over the native launcher?

Well, the first improvement many users report is an instant jump in frame rates. And most importantly, you get more than 60 modifications in a single install, with lots of features being added continuously.

So without any ado, let’s see how to download Lunar Client to get inside the pixelated adventurous world of Minecraft.

Download Lunar Client

Visit the Lunar Client download page, and click download for the preferred operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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Subsequently, open the downloaded file, run the installer, go through the terms, and finish the process.

For Linux, the client is distributed as an AppImage file which doesn’t require any installation. However, remember to change the file permissions to allow its execution as a program. This typically resides in Properties, the last option in the right-click pop-up. Next, head over to Permissions and check the last item Execute: Allow executing file as program.

Still, there are video tutorials on the Lunar download page for each operating system.

After the installation, open the application:

<img alt="lunar client interface" data- data-src="" data- height="615" src="data:image/svg xml,” width=”1000″>


The first thing you do is select the Minecraft version coupled. You can see the list of all supported versions by tapping over the small arrow 🔽 alongside the Launch button.

<img alt="minecraft versions in lunar client" data-src="" height="615" src="data:image/svg xml,” width=”1000″>

After selecting the preferred option, click SAVE OPTIONS on the bottom right.

Next up is selecting RAM and gameplay resolution. It’s given under the Settings in the top menu.

<img alt="lunar client settings" data- data-src="" data- height="584" src="data:image/svg xml,” width=”1000″>

Generally, there is no fixed or recommended RAM value. So you can try experimenting with your specific system requirements.

Afterward, set the resolution for the Minecraft window. One can use the presets for the connected monitor or enter anything custom by defining width and height.

Finally, when you click Launch, it will download the assets, which can take some time based on the network speed.

You can start playing by logging in with the Windows or Mojang account by clicking on the avatar (indicated by 1).

<img alt="lunar client gameplay screen" data- data-src="" data- height="512" src="data:image/svg xml,” width=”856″>

The modifications are available at the bottom (indicated by 2). The mod screen lets you make profiles with specific mods, select keyboard shortcuts, and give you much more power over the Minecraft gameplay.

<img alt="lunar client minecraft modes" data- data-src="" data- height="619" src="data:image/svg xml,” width=”1000″>

Pro tip: Try opening Lunar Client with administrator privileges if it gets stuck during downloading resources.

Beside Home in the primary menu, Servers lists a few ones to enjoy Minecraft multiplayer, including the most populated Hypixel and Lunar’s own server.

Finally, this is a people’s favorite client, which is a front runner in getting recent Minecraft updates to work.


Among loads of Minecraft clients, Lunar has a reputation for itself. It makes integrating mods straightforward, has a decent interface, and has a vibrant community to help if you get into any issue.

Still, if you seek an alternative, a good one is Badlion.

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