Apple and Microsoft won’t like it. Regardless, let’s learn to interoperate and quickly open the .pages file on your Windows PC. 😀

.pages is Apple’s offering like its .doc from Microsoft.

It’s the default format to create, edit, and save documents on macOS. And many mac users prefer to use it than pay for the mac version of MS office (yeah, there’s one!).

But things become unfriendly when you try to use (or see) the Pages files on your Windows PC. Or worse, send it to someone (and there are many) without a mac.

Fret not. Geekflare is at your service for those exact annoying moments.

Let’s begin…

Viewing .pages file on Windows PC

This won’t take a minute if you just want to ‘View’ the file.

Just change the file extension from .pages to .zip.

Next, extract the file as an ordinary compressed file. Subsequently, you’ll see a file named ‘Preview‘ among others.

Open the file to check the contents of your original .pages file.

Take a look:

However, the converted file is a JPG (image format). Ergo, you can’t edit and can only view the contents.

Editing .pages on Windows using iCloud

While the previous method was limited to viewing, this one goes beyond and helps to edit and collaborate as you do with any Google doc.

However, you’ll need an Apple ID. While mac/iPhone users have this already, anyone can create an Apple ID within minutes.

After you get one, log in to iCloud.

Next, click Pages, followed by selecting Upload at the top.

Then browse the file in your system, let it load, and open it.

See how it goes:

Alternatively, you can also download it in .doc format to edit it with Microsoft Word.

So this was using the iCloud method, which necessitates an Apple ID. But you can also do it without it.

Converting .pages into .doc

There are many online converters that can assist you in this. But we have tried CloudConvert, and it worked without any issues.

For this, click Select File to locate the .pages file on your device.

How to Open a .pages Extension File on Windows PC Smart Things windows

Subsequently, follow the onscreen instructions, and depending upon the size of the file, it’ll be ready for download as a .doc document for use in any compatible word processor.


So these were some methods to view and edit a .pages file extension on Windows. I’ll personally suggest using iCloud as it has an inbuilt converter. In addition, it supports collaboration.

And you can also use iCloud to open a .doc file and convert it into .pages for offline editing in iWork.

PS: Check out these disk cloning software for your mac.