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With a poor cellular connection, you will have a tough time making phone calls. Wi-Fi calling solves the problem.

But, what is WiFi calling? And, how is it useful?

In this article, let us explore more about it while also talking about an app, “Hushed,” where you can make calls over WiFi.

Wi-Fi Calling: Explained

Wi-Fi calling eliminates the need for a strong cellular network to call someone using the same phone number.

It utilizes Voice over WiFi or, more accurately—Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for the calls.

Usually, Wi-Fi calls are free, but an access fee may be involved depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Technically, Wi-Fi calling is associated with the cell carrier and does not require an app.

But what if you want a second number specifically to make calls over WiFi? Are there privacy benefits?

VoIP Calling & Privacy Benefits

VoIP is the underlying technology that powers Wi-Fi calling. But, you can separately utilize a VoIP calling app that will let you make calls over Wi-Fi while providing privacy benefits.

Fret not; it is not a new technology, nor something complicated to use. You have already used it with Skype, Viber, and other similar voice/video calling applications.

This way, you do not share your real phone number, and you do not have to worry about the cellular network coverage when placing a phone call.

Hushed is one such mobile application that lets you do that.

In this article, I shall highlight a few more things about the app and mention some alternatives.

Hushed: A Private Phone Number App

Hushed: Best Wi-Fi Calling App for Privacy [+3 Alternatives] Privacy Smart Things

Hushed is an app that lets you utilize Wi-Fi calling using a secondary number. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You do not have to reveal your actual mobile number but still call and text others without any hiccups.

The real advantage of using an app like this is the ability to mimic the capabilities of carrier-based Wi-Fi calling while also using cellular data for calls.

Do note that this is a free-to-install app that offers three-day trial access. So, you will need to subscribe to unlock all the benefits.

Features of Hushed

Being one of the best WiFi calling apps with privacy in mind, Hushed offers essential features. Some of the key highlights are given below.

Hushed: Best Wi-Fi Calling App for Privacy [+3 Alternatives] Privacy Smart Things

#1. Multiple Numbers & Devices

Unlike some VoIP calling applications, you do not have to stick with a subscription for a single number.

You can have multiple numbers ranging from various area codes that include countries like Canada, the United States, and the UK.

So, you can have a secondary number as a point of contact and utilize more temporary numbers for particular use-cases.

Ideally, you will have to carry several devices to manage multiple numbers. But, with the help of Hushed, you can do it all using a single device. Of course, you can also use it on any device, log in, and get started.

#2. WiFi & Data Connection Support

Even though we feature this as a WiFi calling app, you can conveniently use it on cellular and WiFi networks. That’s an added advantage of using a VoIP calling app.

#3. Flexible Pricing Plans

Hushed: Best Wi-Fi Calling App for Privacy [+3 Alternatives] Privacy Smart Things

Hushed offers a wide range of pricing plans to choose from.

You can get started with pay-as-you-go plans or opt for pre-paid plans. Also, there are long-term and short-term packages available if you need to use the app for a specific duration.

It all starts from as low as $1.99.

#4. SMS & MMS Support

Not just limited to mobile calls, but you can also text using the VoIP number to which you have an active subscription.

SMS and MMS are both supported, like a regular cell carrier.

So, it may even help you replace your mobile carrier for a lot of use-cases.

#5. Custom Voicemail

You can record a personalized voicemail if you cannot pick up calls for some reason. So, you do not lose out on the standard features of mobile carriers.

#6. Call Forwarding and Routing

You can choose to forward your calls to any number of your choice. Also, you can use voice minutes for your number to route your calls if you have a terrible internet connection.

While call routing may not come in handy for individual use, it can be useful if you are a business.

#7. Auto-Reply Messages

To spice up the text messaging functionality, you can set auto-replies for incoming messages.

This should be useful if you are busy or want to use it as a vacation responder.

#8. Dropbox/Slack Integration

An impressive feature with Hushed is that you can even send/reply SMS using the Slack application.

This means that you can get some amount of interactions using the desktop as well.

And, to top it all off, you can even save your message history, voicemails, and picture messages directly to your Dropbox account.

So, even if you stop using Hushed for some reason, you can have most of your data with you.

Hushed Alternatives Available

Even though Hushed is a popular application, you can look at some good alternatives if you are curious about other options.

#1. Talkatone Calling App

Hushed: Best Wi-Fi Calling App for Privacy [+3 Alternatives] Privacy Smart Things

Talkatone offers a similar set of features with a promise of no roaming charges. Unlike Hushed, it only supports US numbers.

It is available for both Android and iOS. So, you can explore more about it if it sounds interesting.

#2. CoverMe Private Calling App

Hushed: Best Wi-Fi Calling App for Privacy [+3 Alternatives] Privacy Smart Things

CoverMe is an interesting app with disappearing messages feature, a password manager, and a secure vault.

If you are looking for a more privacy-focused calling app as an alternative to Hushed, this could be it.

#3. Burner: US Phone Number Calling App

Hushed: Best Wi-Fi Calling App for Privacy [+3 Alternatives] Privacy Smart Things

Burner offers all the essential features you would expect. It limits to US numbers only, but it gives a 7-day trial period, which should be more than enough to test things or use it in case of an emergency for free.

You can find it in the App Store and the Play Store as well.

Wrapping Up 📱

The ability to utilize VoIP and Wi-Fi calls help you get over the drawbacks of having poor cellular network connectivity.

Hushed should be more than enough for basic call/texting requirements. But, you can explore the alternatives to see what you think is best for you.