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The success and longevity of enterprises lie in their Human Resource. Finding the right person for the desired position has always been one of the top priorities of all successful companies. 

Recruitment processes are thoroughly aimed at finding the right match between the demands of the profile and the skill set of the candidates. As essential and elemental as the role of an HR is, it is also one of the most grueling positions to hold. Finding the right candidate and turning it into an asset for the company is not an easy task. 

In this article, we will discuss challenges faced by recruiters regularly. More importantly, we will briefly look at some of the best solutions available in the market for those challenges. 

Challenges recruiters face while selecting the right candidate

Recruiters face several challenges while choosing the right candidate for the job. First, they must filter out candidates with irrelevant experience, which is a tiring and time-consuming task when done manually.

The corporate space is fast-paced; if you are not quick enough, the candidate that seemed right for the role may be poached by your competitors. It undoes all the effort made to process such candidates’ applications for the positions in the company.

The exciting part of a recruiter’s role is that they play for both teams. They look out for candidates advertising positions offered by the company through several online and offline channels. They communicate with the prospect to understand their expectations better while also coordinating with internal teams to see if the candidates fit into the available vacant positions. 

One of the most critical aspects of the hiring process should be thorough yet swift. There should not be any communication gap between both ends of the line. Since there are many options available for the right candidate in the market, recruiters need to make sure they stick with their timelines and efficiently conclude the hiring process. 

With the rise of technology and increased awareness of the importance of the hiring process, there are several recruitment solutions available on the internet in the form of tools, software, and web portals. 

Such solutions answer every challenge recruiters face and facilitate additional features to fast-track the hiring process. Let us look at some of the leading solutions available in the market. 


Joibsoid is one of the leaders when it comes to recruitment portals. It has, over time, transformed into a virtual recruitment assistant. It offers tons of features that make the entire hiring process smoother for recruiters and candidates. 

Joibsoid offers effective candidate management, where recruiters can collect and manage all applications under one umbrella. Equipped with a centralized communication platform, custom recruitment pipeline, automated texts, and intelligent filter, Joibsoid will surely help recruiters in managing candidates in a much more advanced manner. 

Features offered by Joibsoid 

  • Effective candidate management
  • Post Jobs on multiple platforms
  • One-click posting
  • Personalized communication
  • Collective feedback mechanism

Freshworks HRMS

Freshworks HRMS is among the leaders in recruitment solutions. The organization relies on accurate data to make decisions and provide solutions to companies when recruiting the right persons for the right roles. 

Freshworks bring to the table state-of-the-art features like an applicant tracking system, virtual onboarding, paperless new hire onboarding, and so much more. Backed by data, Freshworks also offers assists in data-backed HR decision-making.

Features offered by Freshworks HRMS  

  • Applicant tracking system
  • Virtual Onboarding
  • Employee Database
  • Shorter time to hire
  • Paperless new hire onboarding
  • Powerful recruitment automation
  • Data backed HR decision making
  • Employee time-off tracking
  • Employee database and self-service


GoHire, as the name suggests, provides you with complete control over its tool with virtual recruitment assistants. It reduces the cost of hiring significantly but also helps you hire the best people for the job. 

GoHire has already served over 2000 leading brands across 50 countries with clients like Voucher, Swapcard, Sweet berry, myThings, Promoter, Snagajob, and more. GoHire has made it possible with its centralized hiring campaigns that provide a single platform to perform your activities and check up on status eliminating complex elements from the scene. 

Its clients love its economic and customized hiring plans because it offers all the right tools you could require to evaluate every candidate quickly. The array of selection tools such as screening questions, questionnaires, and evaluations make the entire hiring process smoother, leading to better hiring decisions.

Features offered by Gohire 

  • Complete control
  • Reduced hiring cost
  • Centralized hiring campaigns
  • Economic and customized hiring plans
  • Increased efficiency removing hiring process bottlenecks


Harver is another unique solution available in the recruiting space. It offers innovative solutions focusing on the pain points of volume hiring. Serving data-backed solutions to clients such as Valvoline,, McDonald’s, peloton, Teleperformance, KPMG, and more, its automated process from application to hire has struck a chord with leading global corporate giants across the world. 

You can identify top performers, measure critical skills, competencies and deliver relevantly validated matching scores. It serves the companies’ best interest and plays fair with the candidates looking for jobs in the market.

Features offered by Harver

  • Volume hiring
  • Volume recruitment solution
  • Valvoline,, McDonald’s, peloton, teleperformance
  • The automated process from application to hire
  • Leverage real-time data to provide critical insights so you can navigate an ever-changing labor market.


Let us begin by exploring the humongous data available with Workable, serving all in the best interest of clients and candidates. With 85,000,000 candidates, 20,000 companies on the platform, workable offers variety, diversity, and lots of options to choose from for both teams. Things must work great for the company because it also has 1,300,000 successful hires from the platforms. 

With clients like Forbes, Soho house, Ryanair, Moodle, Sephora, Joey Restaurants, and Bevi, Workable doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile to serve its clients and offers the most workable recruiting solution to you.


With Greenhouse, you can source and nurture suitable candidates, set up an equitable hiring process, create an exceptional hiring experience for everyone from recruiters to recruitees, and use robust data and reports to continuously upgrade yourself and the teams associated with you. 

The Greenhouse also offers flexibility with recruitment and hiring mobile apps with features to scale the requirement to the size of your business, making it just about suitable for small, medium, and large companies alike. The virtual recruitment assistant offers to optimize job listings with recommendations based on historical and industry performance.

You can also easily collaborate with in-house hiring teams of Greenhouse about your application reviews, job offers, and offer approvals. This personalized experience offered to the clients of recruitment Softwares is unique to the Greenhouse. 

Greenhouse takes the trophy home by providing the stakeholders tailored and fine-grained access to stakeholders in the recruitment processes through alerts, tasks, and notifications. 


Recruitment on the go, that’s the motto Recruitee lives by and certainly lives up to. Not only does recruitee offers to boost sourcing, automate hiring, effectively evaluate candidates, but features like brilliant campaigns, multiple job boards, scheduler link, and many more provides unique customization that fits with every recruiter on the platform. 

The company also does not shy away from displaying its progress made so far. They wear it like their badge of honor. Since its inception, the company has made possible a 64% reduction in time-to-hire, 4x revenue growth, and saved a whopping $240k from the hiring cost of its clients. And we believe it is safe to say that if you are looking for a virtual recruitment agency, a recruitee is one of the safest bets.

Top Echelon

Top Echelon is the market giant in recruitment solutions and has been in the industry since 1988. With robust applicant tracking and CRM software, Top Echelon provides you with the most suitable candidates for the role.

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Additionally, it also offers a feature to fill job orders faster with its split network. The giant makes it possible by making split placements with top recruiting firms nationwide.

Features offered by Top Echelon 

  • Powerful applicant tracking
  • CRM software


Recruiterflow is designed for all the recurring, repetitive busywork for recruiters, thus offering recruiters ample time and space to brainstorm on the other aspects of their jobs roles.

Recruiterflow is popular among its clients for reasons more than one, such as being a one-stop-shop for all hiring needs of recruiters, right from applications to hiring. With Recruiterflow, you can easily manage pipelines and simultaneously collaborate with clients and other stakeholders to get an insight into their requirements. 

With robust data and a super-easy framework, Recruiterflow also makes it easy to analyze all candidates by putting their profile on a significant scale, thus assisting the recruiters in making the right decisions. 

The best thing about Recruiterflow is their insistence on keeping the process as quick as possible. They have made it possible for you to recruit directly from your inbox with features such as recruiting assistants inside your inbox and a drag-and-drop feature to move candidates from positive to confirm. They also offer a 14-day trial to check if it is the right software for you or not.  

Features Recruiterflow offer

  • Modern applicant tracking software
  • Designed to do the busywork (powerful rules engine, 
  • 1-click sources, manage pipeline, collaborate with clients, nurture candidates, manage clients, analyze
  • Recruit starlight from your inbox (Drag-and-drop), recruiting assistant inside your inbox, 
  • 14-day free trial

Smart Recruiters

Smart Recruiters offer you the experience of Talent Acquisition Suite, with complete CRM and sourcing capabilities to find and connect with high-quality talent across the platform.

They enable recruiters to attract candidates by assisting them to discover suitable candidates with direct sourcing while also helping them nurture through social media channels. What is even more exciting about this entire journey is that you can also create your career site optimized for mobile and incorporate recruiter flow’s flagship one-click apply process.

The applicant tracking software of Smart Recruiters can help select candidates through scorecards, feedback, and interviews. They also enable collaboration and communication with hiring teams, provide interview feedback via the mobile app, and schedule follow-up interviews while simultaneously assessing and screening candidates.

Features offered by Smart Recruiters

  • Talent Acquisition suite
  • Complete CRM and sourcing capabilities to find and connect with high-quality talent
  • direct sourcing
  • Build beautiful career sites optimized for mobile
  • One-click apply process
  • Applicant tracking software
  • Track scorecards, feedback, and interviews
  • Collaborate and communicate with hiring teams
  • Provide interview feedback via the mobile app
  • Schedule follow-up interviews
  • Assess and screen candidates
  • Use the tools to make hiring offers
  • Manage approvals on the offer process
  • Send the request and manage signatures
  • Capture and connect all candidate data into your HRIS
  • Calculate and manage all your Hiring Success metrics


Lever is the most exhaustive recruitment platform on the internet. With over 4000 customers worldwide, it boasts an end-to-end talent acquisition platform. 

Lever offers its services in four segments: Source and Nurture, Interview and Hire, analysis of results, and rediscovery of talents. Through its personalized nurture campaigns can be customized as per candidate makes the experience is more educating and informative for both stakeholders in the process. The automated drip sequences, referral gathering, texting to apply capability, LinkedIn RSC, and Chrome extension make the entire nurturing and sourcing of candidates more plausible and convenient for recruiters.

Lever offers diversity surveys, internal mobility, confidential hiring, candidate self-scheduling, automation hub, and agency portal to make the hiring process smoother. 

Features like the custom dashboard, data visualization, pipeline conversion rates, manager dashboards, diversity insights, and unique BI platforms analyze results even more accurately, thereby giving the best set of talent for the role. 

Conclusion 👩‍💼

Now that we have discussed almost all the leading recruitment solutions available on the internet, we must clarify that each solution has something unique to offer and based upon your requirements and the organization’s size. Use the trial plans available with the platforms mentioned above, and make an informed decision.